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No Fault Law

Michigan's No Fault Insurance Laws for Car, Truck and Motorcycle Accidents.

When it comes to motor vehicle accidents in Michigan, Michigan is a “no-fault” state. What this means is that you are required to carry no-fault insurance, and if you are involved in an accident, in most cases, your insurance should pay your medical expenses, replacement services, attendant care, lost wages, or damage that your vehicle might do to another's property, such as fences or buildings. If you are involved in an accident with another vehicle, their no-fault insurance should cover their own medical expenses and lost wages. You can also purchase collision and comprehensive insurance that will pay for any damage to your vehicle.


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Michigan's no-fault law also means that if you are in a motor vehicle accident, you cannot file a lawsuit for your damages except under certain circumstances. Typically, if you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident in Michigan, you can only file a lawsuit if:

  • You sustained a serious impairment of bodily function, are permanently disfigured, or are killed;
  • The accident involved a Michigan resident, and you were a non-resident occupant of a vehicle that was not registered in Michigan; or,
  • You are less than fifty percent at fault for the accident, and the accident caused damages to your car that are not covered by insurance. This is also known as the “mini-tort” provision that allows individuals to bring small claims actions for property damages up to $1,000. This provision does not apply to injuries that might have been sustained in the accident.

Under some circumstances, it is also possible to sue an at-fault driver for pain and suffering or excess economic damages.

No matter whether your accident involved a motor vehicle, motorcycle, bus, bicycle, or pedestrian, the no fault insurance laws that govern these accidents in Michigan are complicated and complex. That's why if you have sustained injuries in an accident involving a motor vehicle or otherwise, you should consider seeking the consult of a Michigan Personal Injury Lawyer right away. When you choose The Law Offices of Berry and Berry, PLLC, to represent you in your accident claim, you can expect dedicated service from a knowledgeable Michigan Personal Injury Lawyers who will not only guide you through the complex legal and insurance processes but will work hard to achieve the best possible results in your case. Contact us at The Law Offices of Berry and Berry, PLLC today at (313) 996-5300 to schedule your free initial consultation and learn what we can do for you.

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Truck Accidents in Michigan

Accidents involving large commercial trucks can be devastating and can cause extensive damage. No-fault insurance laws mean that both parties involved in an accident are entitled to benefits from their own insurance companies, no matter who was at fault for the accident. However, no-fault insurance issues become more complicated when large commercial trucks are involved because you might be dealing with other insurance policies, workers' compensation, and the trucking company headquarters may be located in another state.

Motorcycle Accidents in Michigan

In Michigan, motorcycles are not considered motor vehicles for purposes of no-fault insurance. However, this does not mean that you do not have a case if you are a motorcyclist who is injured in an accident with a motor vehicle. Depending on the facts and circumstances of your case, you may be entitled to either no-fault benefits or compensation obtained via a third-party or negligence claim against those responsible for the accident.

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